Choosing The Earrings Back to Your Custom Fine Jewelry?

As we all know, earring backs is a small detail of our fine earrings, but they play a special role in the comfort, security, and overall aesthetic of your custom earrings. At Sunrise-Jewel, a custom jewelry manufacturer specializing in custom fine jewelry, we understand the importance of choosing the right earring backs for your custom designs earrings. In this blog, we will explain the different types of some earring backs and their unique features.

Here Are Some Type of Custom Earrings Back

1.Butterfly backs, also called as friction backs, are the most common type of earring backs. They consist of a thin metal disc(can be silver or gold or any materials you want) with a small loop that slides onto the earring post. The shape resembles a butterfly, so it is also famous for this. The butterfly-shaped piece secures the earring in place, providing a comfortable fit. This versatile earring back is suitable for various earring styles and is easy to use.butterfly earrings back

2.Huggie backs are specifically designed for huggie-style earrings, which are small hoops that “hug” the earlobe. Huggie is literally ring-shaped, with front and back connections, and is a safer and more common choice for earrings back. The small charms above has a variety of choices within the load-bearing capacity of the earlobe, and can be matched with different styles of jewelry. These backs feature a hinged design that opens and closes, allowing for easy insertion and removal of the earring. Huggie backs provide a comfortable and secure fit, making them a great choice for everyday wear.huggie earrings back

3.Omega backs are commonly used for heavier earrings or statement pieces. They consist of a hinged mechanism that opens to reveal a wide, flat surface that rests against the back of the earlobe. Omega backs offer excellent support and stability, ensuring that larger or heavier earrings stay in place comfortably.
The unique design of the Omega back provides a secure and comfortable fit. When the earring is inserted, the hinged mechanism closes, allowing the wide surface of the back to rest against the back of the earlobe. This wide surface helps distribute the weight of the earring more evenly, reducing any discomfort or strain on the earrings back

4.Lever backs are a popular choice for dangle earrings. They feature a hinged lever that opens and closes, securing the earring in place. Lever backs provide a secure and elegant option, ensuring that your earrings stay in position while adding movement and grace to your overall look.

5.Push backs, also known as friction push backs or clutch backs, are similar to butterfly backs but with a wider and more secure design. They consist of a metal disc with a small hole in the center. To secure the earring, you simply push the earring post through the hole until it clicks into place. Push backs offer a comfortable fit and are suitable for various earring styles.push earrings back

At Sunrise-Jewel, we understand that each earring design requires a specific type of earring back to enhance its beauty and functionality. Our experienced team of artisans and designers can help you choose the perfect earring backs for your custom fine jewelry designs. Whether you prefer sterling silver, gold, white gold, or brass, we have the expertise to bring your ideas to life and create stunning earrings that meet the demands of your target market customers.
From initial design concepts to the final production, Sunrise-Jewel is your trusted partner in creating custom fine jewelry. With our attention to detail, commitment to quality, and extensive experience working with fashion brand jewelry, we can help you navigate the intricate world of earring backs and ensure that your custom earrings are a true reflection of your brand’s vision. Contact us today and start your new experience in custom fine jewelry!