About stone selection

Sunrise Jewelry offers a variety of options, including glass, zircon, moissanite, organic gemstones, artificial gemstones, and natural gemstones to meet the diverse needs of customers.


Origin: Moissanite is a naturally occurring mineral, but it is often lab-created for use in jewelry.

Brilliance: Known for its exceptional brilliance, moissanite is a popular alternative to diamonds.

Durability: Moissanite is a hard and durable gemstone suitable for everyday wear.


Type: Zircon may refer to cubic zirconia (CZ), a synthetic material often used as a diamond substitute.

Aesthetics: CZ can mimic the brilliance of diamonds and is available in various colors, making it a popular choice for affordable and glamorous jewelry.

Organic Gemstones

Aesthetics: Organic gemstones often have a unique and natural beauty, each with its distinct characteristics.

Meaning: Pearls, for example, are associated with elegance and are often used in classic and timeless designs.

Artificial Gemstones

Synthetic Materials: These may include lab-created gemstones that replicate the appearance of natural gemstones.

Consistency: Artificial gemstones can offer consistent quality and color, providing a more ethical and sustainable option for those concerned about sourcing.

Natural Gemstones

Uniqueness: Natural gemstones showcase individual variations, making each piece of jewelry unique.

Value: Natural gemstones, especially those of high quality and rarity, can hold significant value.

Sunrise Jewelry’s diverse selection of stones allows customers to choose based on personal preferences, budget considerations, and the desired aesthetic for their jewelry. Whether seeking the brilliance of moissanite, the classic elegance of pearls, or the affordability of glass, customers can find a stone that aligns with their style and values.


Material: Glass is a versatile and affordable material used in jewelry.

Aesthetics: Glass can be crafted into a wide range of colors and shapes, offering a budget-friendly option for vibrant and creative designs.

Versatility: Suitable for both casual and formal jewelry, providing flexibility in design.

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